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Easy to make, ready-to-blend delicious shake mixes which come in both dairy and dairy-free flavours, perfect to cater for all customers. Browse our range of shakes below.

Perfect for any catering establishment such as cafés, tea rooms, bars, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals or anywhere with a blender. If you need a blender visit our page here.

Our foodservice shakess come in small boxes of 15 sachets, perfect for fitting into your freezers and for stock control.

Don’t forget to check out our range of smoothies too.

Vanilla milkshake

Our versatile vanilla shake made with ice cream and frappe pellets.

Is also a great base to make a range of other drinks, such as iced coffee (add espresso), a variety of shake flavours (add powders) and freak shakes (add in chocolates & sauces)

Case size: 15 x 140 grams

Strawberry milkshake

A classic shake made with frozen strawberries, ice cream and frappe pellets.

Add in a bit more sweetness by using a strawberry sauce to make a delicious thick shake.

Case size: 15 x 140 grams

Banana milkshake

A creamy ice cream thick shake made with frozen bananas and our frappe pellets.

Case size: 15 x 140 grams

Coconut dairy-free shake

Our coconut dairy-free shake is perfect for serving to customers who are looking for a dairy-free shake.

Made with creamy coconut pellets, simply blend with non dairy milk to create a shake. Flavour it up with powders and sauces, and create an iced coffee range by adding in shots of espresso and flavouring with syrups.

Case size: 15 x 140 grams