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If you would like to stock our drinks for your catering business, please have a look at the below. We supply free point of sale and branded material to help boost your sales, and we can offer great deals on leasing or the purchasing of commercial blenders.

If you are an international wholesaler keen on supplying your market with our products, please have a look at our international section and we will be happy to assist.



We work with foodservice distributors all over the UK! View all our smoothie and shake distribution partners here.

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Areas Covered: National

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 Areas covered: South west and surrounding counties

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Areas covered: Suffolk and surrounding counties


Areas covered: Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Suffolk & London

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Areas covered: North East and surrounding counties

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Areas covered: Dorset

Point of sale

Need a hand in boosting sales? We don’t stop at delicious smoothies and shakes! Whether you’re looking to maximise your profitability, create point of sale displays or you can find everything you need here.

Smoothies poster

Our smoothie posters are a great way to let people know you serve freshly made smoothies. Use in conjunction with our smoothie table talker menus to let customers know which flavours we sell.

Shakes table talker menu web-page-001

Shake table talker menus

Our shake table talker menus are a great way to let your customers know that you make delicious creamy shakes, whether dairy or dairy-free!

Smoothie table talker menus

Our eye catching smoothie table talker menus are a perfect way to let your customers know about which freshly made smoothies you are serving!

Whether you are blending up our whole range, or selecting a few of our flavours to sell, we can happily label these up for you!

Shake poster

Our A3 shake posters are a perfect way to promote that you are serving delicious shakes. Simply hang up in windows or on walls to advertise this.

We sell and lease out JTC Omniblend commercial blenders.

The JTC Omniblend comes with a sound reducing hood which reduces noise by 80%, perfect for blending operations front of house or for reducing noise levels in kitchens.

The blender comes with a powerful industrial high speed 3HP (38,000 RPM) motor with 950W power output and two in one Japanese stainless steel cutting blades perfect for blending our frozen sachets with liquid and creating expertly blended beverages.

The JTC Omniblend is specifically designed for smoothies and milkshakes with 3 pre-programmed blend cycles.

35 seconds– Ideal for making one smoothie or milkshake drink

45 seconds– Perfect for blending harder fruits and vegetables such as spinach

60 seconds– For making more than two drinks.

All blenders come with 1.5L jug.




If you are interested in purchasing a blender or blender parts please visit our shop page here.

If you are interested in leasing a blender please email us at



We have experience in selling our drinks internationally from markets in the Middle East to supplying across Europe, where we have built up key relationships within the supply chain.

All our products are made in a state of the art BRC accredited facility, where we can pick and pack to your requirements. We can add additional labels to the individual boxes on your order where for example we can have the labels in your local chosen language, along with your key business contact details.

We have a range of 10 different fruit and vegetable smoothie flavours available along with our 4 milkshake flavours.  For foodservice our sachets are supplied in 15 x 140g cases and we can also supply in retail cartons for supermarkets.


Its easy to get started…

-We supply samples and a pricing quote. Invoices are pro-forma.

-We can manage the shipping for you and include this in your pricing or you can order ex-works.

-Orders take 3-5 days to arrange shipping or to be collected from our coldstore.

-MOQ is 200 cases which is one Euro pallet. Discounts can be applied for larger orders.

-Point of sale material can be designed to suit your market.


If you are interested in any of our ranges for you market, please do get in touch with us as we are always keen to hear from potential distributors in other countries.

Contact us:


Phone: +44 (0) 1206 580478