Our Story - Ready-to-blend frozen smoothies
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Our Story

An adventure in Sunny Australia led to the vision and creation of our drinks, and our values in which we follow, to bring you some of the best tasting ready-to-blend drinks on the market.

The Glowing shorelines of Australia provided the inspiration for our drinks, and the healthy, nutritious, wholesome, real ingredients we use in our recipes today.

Real ingredients. Real nutrition. Real taste.

Armed with lots of fruit, vegetables, a blender and with a key principle and focus on creating a range good enough for the ‘Aussie lifestyle’. We set to work, Blending, chopping and taste testing to create our exciting flavours for you to enjoy!

We are constantly innovating and introducing new flavours and products. We are excited to launch in early 2018 our new milkshake range, made with real fruit and ingredients! Please get in touch with us for more information on this range!